I am the BrutalWizard and  just another guy trying to get big in the music industry. As for right now I am just studying music production and I hope in having an creative output where I can upload whatever I want, I can develop my own style and generate a group of people, who like what I throw out in this rude little world! But how do i imagine achieving this rather optimistic goal? Piano arrangements and orchestral compositions. Ez!

But seriously, what can you expect to get here? Well, I am kind of obsessed with Videogame Music (and a little Movie/Anime stuff too) and I want to take the most interesting pieces and make them available for all of you pianists out there to play on your own! Doesn’t that sound fun? I know!

As for “compositions” I am very, very unsure of what I am going to specialize on. So IF some original or cover work does come out of my fingers right into the interwebs, you can expect lots of strings, heavy guitars and synth madness.

And if all of this still doesn’t seem to impress you, then I think I can’t help you and you should move on with your day. But whatever your intentions in visiting this website were, may it be interest in one of my work or if you just stumbled over it after an intensive night with lots of milk consumption, I thank you for stopping by!